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Pesmes - Art de construire et engagement territorial

Pesmes - Art de construire et engagement territorial
Pesmes - Art de construire et engagement territorial © Maxime Delvaux
The book is based on the architecture seminar organised by Avenir Radieux and directed by Bernard Quirot in Pesmes since 2015, where students, architects including Pierre Hebbelinck, critics and invited historians experiment with the project as a tool for knowledge and transformation of the territory, and where exchanges, debates and critical and prospective views are nourished. A common concern emerges: to link architecture, considered as an act of building, with a territorial commitment understood in its material as well as spatial, economic and cultural dimensions. Through interviews conducted by Émeline Curien with several of these contributors, the book explores the multiple forms of this specific clutch and reveals its practical, theoretical, political and prospective aspects. Through Luc Boegly’s photographic dialogue with the village of Pesmes, the book opens a meditation on the historicity of these issues and on the poetry of the near and distant peripheries of European metropolises and their worrying state.



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