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224 pages in black and white
110*170 mm format

Editions Fourre-Tout

Pierre Blondel

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Pierre Blondel - L.M.S. and other news

Editions Fourre-Tout is devoting its twentieth book publication to a collaboration with Brussels-based architect Pierre Blondel, who one day, whilst he was drawing his designs, decided to start writing fiction in which the characters had adventures in and around these nascent premises. The essays collected in these pages are the fruit of chance occurrences, passions, calling things into question.

In a nutshell, these essays see the author drawing a map of his unlikely tales, presenting with a double virtual space. These fictitious stories are set in and around the places conceived by the author-architect himself before they were even built (although most of these designs have since been erected), restrained by the slow and lengthy process that is inherent to the physical execution of architecture, and exacerbated by the red tape and the everyday battles that are involved in this art of contingency.

In his preface, Pierre Blondel discusses the foundations of his work as a writer. The book is made up of a variety of different essays, each in reference to a specific section – ‘architectural drawings' – that round off the work and enable readers to discover the projects that were at the root of these articles. Here readers will find a short text from the author who goes on to explain the individual contexts of his writings before leafing through to the ‘architectural partitions' that are made up of plans, sections, façades and photographs. The cover shows a small sketch situates the architectural designs and the essential architectural innovations around the Brussels region.



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