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Pierre Henrion

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René Greisch: Ingenior architect

René Greisch: Ingenior architect
René Greisch: Ingenior architect
Realized with the cooperation of the historian Pierre Henrion and the photographer Jean-Luc Deru, this book redraws the story of René Greisch's professional life. Built mainly around testimonies and researches in archives, this narrative tends to clear its rout by concentrating on the projects to which he personally dedicated itself. 
The selection of the catalog, which answers a chronological order, was realized according to the same criterion but also so as to document its methodologies, its spirit of innovation and the way he designs the engineering and the architecture. The text entitled " Questions of style " develop, on base of these examples isa more general reflection. The set is completed by a portrait drawn up through testimonies of close friends, by a lexicon, an index and a selective bibliography.



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