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Under the supervision of
Lisa De Visscher et Pavel Kunysz


Kristiaan Borret, Pierre Chabard, René Daniëls, Chantal Dassonville, Ludovic Demarche, Lisa De Visscher, Olivier De Wispelaere, Sophie Gérard, Pavel Kunysz, Georgios Maillis, Alain Richard, Leo Van Broeck, Peter Vanden Abeele et Jean-Louis Violeau

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Susciter l'architecture

Susciter l'architecture
Susciter l'architecture

The special edition of the magazine ‘Dérivations, pour le débat urbain’, compiled by urbAgora in Liège, has just been published. It focuses on the architectural policies in Belgium. This publication was drawn up under the watchful eye of Lisa De Visscher and Pavel Kunysz following the seminar ‘Politiques architecturales’ organised by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Liège and urbAgora in the framework of the Architecture Festival of Liège 2017. It provides an overview of the activities of the Architecture Cell, the Master Architect of the Brussels-Capital Region and the Master Architect of Flanders, as well as the specific projects of the Master Architects of various cities (Charleroi, Ghent and Antwerp). The French architect Pierre Chabard and the French sociologist Jean-Louis Violeau also provide their insights into the subject. All contributions are original.

Extract from the back cover: What is architectural quality? How can we recognise it? How do we integrate it in our regions and what can we do to encourage it? This collective work tries to answers all of these questions and more. Renowned scholars share their thoughts on the subject, allowing us to question the concepts of quality and quality policies. Moreover, stakeholders on the ground - from Master Architects to practising architects and committed citizens - shed the spotlight on the situation in Belgium and the tools used to develop spaces combining aesthetic, spatial and social quality."

The magazine is available in all independent bookshopsin Liège and online.



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