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Pages: 208
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Théâtre de Liège. En transparences

Théâtre de Liège. En transparences
Théâtre de Liège. En transparences

It's the story of a place once dedicated to culture and sciences that became, in 2013, a theatrical tool, a place of life in the city, an influential scene throughout national and European level.

Having in common the prefix trans-, this volume relates, in 16 chapters, the story of the transformation of the Société Libre d'Emulation's building into the Theater of Liège.

The book takes the reader into all the dimensions of the building, from its façade to its main room, without forgetting the backstage and the dressing rooms as well as the production workshops.

The patrimonial aspect of the theater as well as the modern intervention which made it to become the first scene of Wallonia are explained by this book. It will also describe its strategies of theatrical programming in an interview with Serge Rangoni, its director since 2004.

The book takes the reader to understand the work and the choices of the architects Pierre Hebbelinck and Pierre de Wit by illustrating them with Marie-Françoise Plissart's pictures - artist who followed the various steps of the transformations - with François Brix's pictures and unpublished materials, such as the intervention of artist Patrick Corillon.




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