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Pages: 192
Format: 28 X 20

Under the supervision of
Sophie Dars et Carlo Menon

Lannoo, Bozar Books, A+ Architecture in Belgium

Pierre Chabard, Sophie Dars, Carlo Menon.

Graphic design

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978 94 014 2835 4

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Lannoo - http://www.lannoo.be

V+ architecture documents on five projects

V+ architecture documents on five projects
V+ architecture documents on five projects
By approaching five ongoing public projects, this book illustrates the complexity and heterogeneous nature of architecture projects, mapping their lines of tension and questioning the status of the (working) document within architectural discourse.
For Brussels-based architecture studio V+, each project is an occasion to explore new themes, without any predefined aim, in a truly experimental fashion. Understanding and managing all the intrinsic circumstances of the project constitute the starting point of an ongoing search, from the competition stage to the building site.
BOZAR Architecture and A+ Architecture in Belgium present the exhibition V+ 2014-2015 at the Center of fine Arts in Brussels, till the 20th of Septembre 2015.



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