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Collection « Visions. Public architectures », n° 10, 2015
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Pages: 160
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Chantal Dassonville et Maurizio Cohen

Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Cellule Architecture - www.architecture.cfwb.be

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Visions: ADEPS sports centres of Froidchapelle and Neufchâteau

Visions: ADEPS sports centres of Froidchapelle and Neufchâteau
Visions: ADEPS sports centres of Froidchapelle and Neufchâteau

The VISIONS. Architectures publiques collection arose from the wish to promote public architecture in Wallonia and Brussels by developing the connections that architecture maintains with photography and writing. It offers up an approach to the different aspects of architectural language: the eye of a photographer, the perception of a writer, the testimony of the user, the critique of a specialist, the conversation with the designers, i.e. so many entry points that are open to anyone according to his or her individual experience or preference. Since 2002 the collection has been edited at the rate of one publication a year or once every two years.

The 10th volume, the ADEPS sports centres of Froidchapelle and Neufchâteau, presents the implementation of two architectural contracts: on the one hand, the construction of sports halls by the Atelier d'architecture Daniel Delgoffe partnership and the landscape designers Sébastien Ochej and Virginie Pigeon (du Paysage) along the edge of the Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure in Froidchapelle; and, on the other hand, the construction of the new accommodation by Baumans-Deffet Architecture et Urbanisme in Neufchâteau. Two exemplary projects captured by the young Franco-Belgian photographer Maud Faivre.

As in each issue, the table of contents introduces pieces by up-and-coming and established writers, both in the field of architecture – Pierre Chabard (French magazine Criticat), Axel Fisher (ULB/ULg, Landscape Theory), Victor Brunfaut (ULB, Belgian magazine A+), Michel De Visscher (architect) – and outside of it, such as Laurent Courtens (ISELP, l'Art même magazine) and Thomas Gunzig (writer, Café Serré on Matin première RTBF).



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