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Languages: FR - EN
Pages: 112
Format: 17,2x21,5

Under the supervision of
Chantal Dassonville et Maurizio Cohen

Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Cellule architecture

Serge Chaumier, Edouard Delruelle, Fernand Collin, Victoire Chancel, Jean-Philippe Hugron,Marie-Hélène Joiret

Graphic design
DOJO design (Joël Van Audenhaege et Collin Hotermans)

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19 €

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Visions : Préhistomuseum in Flémalle

Visions : Préhistomuseum in Flémalle
Visions : Préhistomuseum in Flémalle
The VISIONS. Architectures publiques collection arose from the wish to promote public architecture in Wallonia and Brussels by developing the connections that architecture maintains with photography and writing. It offers up an approach to the different aspects of architectural language: the eye of a photographer, the perception of a writer, the testimony of the user, the critique of a specialist, the conversation with the designers, i.e. so many entry points that are open to anyone according to his or her individual experience or preference. Since 2002 the collection has been edited at the rate of one publication a year or once every two years.
The 13th issue is devoted to the Prehistomuseum designed by aiud (Gil Honoré) and its team.



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