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citydev.brussels 40 YEARS OF URBAN DEVELOPMENT

cover  -®citydev 40 years of urban development _  Expansion +®conomique Gosset _ Architectes Adrien BLOMME (1929) JOEL CLAISSE ARCHITECTURES (1992)
cover -®citydev 40 years of urban development _ Expansion +®conomique Gosset _ Architectes Adrien BLOMME (1929) JOEL CLAISSE ARCHITECTURES (1992)© Marie-Françoise Plissart

In 2014, the Brussels Regional Development Agency celebrated its 40th birthday and assumed a new image along with a new name: citydev.brussels. This milestone was the ideal occasion to look back at its achievements and to compile them in this jubilee volume. 

Since 1974, citydev.brussels has been durably leaving its mark on the Brussels Capital Region.

Thanks to citydev.brussels, numerous enterprises were able to set up shop in the Brussels region. The public institution counselled them throughout their growth, thereby contributing to job creation in Brussels. In addition, hundreds of families were able to fulfil their dream of buying their own home at advantageous conditions. This way, new life was breathed into entire neighbourhoods.

This book takes a look at the evolution of citydev.brussels's mission and projects, taking its cues from the social, economic, demographic, political, environmental, and town planning transformation that saw the urban agglomeration blossom into a region in its own right. The development of mixed projects, i.e. large-scale projects with a programme that blends different functions (housing, economic activities, facilities, public spaces, commerce, etc.) into a harmonious whole, is a top priority for the future of citydev.brussels.

This jubilee volume, illustrated with photographs by Marie-Françoise Plissart, retraces the outlines of citydev.brussels's work in a dynamicpresentation of 35 projects carried out in the framework of economicdevelopment, urban renewal, and mixed developments.

It offers a glance inside locations that are inaccessible to the public: industrial buildings, business spaces, homes, renovations, and newly-built projects.

The book contains technical details about every project—the architects, contractors, public and private partners—as well as numerous useful figures.

To top it off, the volume also sports some general historical background and an inventory of over 140 projects.



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