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Call for ideas for the LINA Architecture Platform program

Call for ideas for the LINA Architecture Platform program
Call for ideas for the LINA Architecture Platform program
LINA, the European architecture platform, is helping architecture tackle the climate and environmental crisis. Through its programme, it promotes projects that help make the European Green Deal a reality. A continuation of the Future Architecture Platform, LINA is an alliance of architectural museums, universities, research networks, foundations, triennials, biennials, and other architectural organisations.
If you want to be part of this program, if you want to participate actively in the development, research, experimentation, publication or other activities contributing to a more sustainable construction and design of our living space and environment at large you can answer the call.

The authors of 15 outstanding projects will be invited to present them at the LINA Conference in October 2022 in Ljubljana, with the aim of contacting institutions from all over Europe and establishing opportunities to shape and make their ideas known.

Call for projects

They are looking for innovative projects and practices that address sustainable and environmental challenges in architecture, with the ambition of eventual implementation. They welcome a wide range of projects, social innovations, critical practices, research, and speculation that address the everyday, ethical, and social implications of the climate and environmental crisis.

Who are they looking for?

Architects, landscape architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, researchers, artists, curators, and other creative professionals at the start of their careers are invited and encouraged to join our call.



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