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Competition for the New Gangbuk-gu Govenment Office Complex

Competition for the New Gangbuk-gu Govenment Office Complex
Competition for the New Gangbuk-gu Govenment Office Complex

A. Purpose of the Competition:

- Through the construction of the new building in Gangbuk-gu, the government aims to provide better public administration services by consolidating dispersed public administration facilities, improving access and convenience for residents, and providing one-stop administrative services.
- As an administrative complex town, the Gangbuk-gu applicant aims to revitalize the local economy by supplying the living SOC that is lacking in Gangbuk-gu, increasing opportunities for local residents to enjoy culture, and creating a community space that provides various social contact opportunities rather than the existing 'government office' and a unique space that supports youth activities and youth entrepreneurship.
- Through creative and iconic design, it will become a global landmark that goes beyond the region and inspires pride in the people of Gangbuk-gu.

B. Overview:

- Title : The International Design Competition for the new GANGBUK-GU Government Office Complex
- Host : GangBuk-Gu office (new government office building promotion bureau)
- Site Location : Around 13, Dobong-ro 89-gil, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, S.Korea
- Area/ District : A general commercial area, district unit plan area
- Use : Public office facility
- Site area : About 6,400㎡
- Total floor area : 65,532㎡(tolerances of ±3%)
- Estimated Construction Cost : 291,339 Million KRW
- Estimated Design Fee: 14,377Million KRW
- Competition Period : Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - Monday, August 26, 2024



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