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Museum Competition – Bucharest

Museum Competition – Bucharest
Museum Competition – Bucharest
The National Museum of the History of the Romanian Jewry and the Holocaust will be a complex project, combining the collection of documents with large and small artifacts that reflect the history of Jewish communities in Romania, with photographs and medallions of tens of personalities who enriched the Romanian culture, economy, and engineering. We want to identify a design solution for a permanent exhibition space and the auxiliary areas through the contest. Through modern and interactive means, the exhibition will make the public feel closer to significant events in the history of Jewish communities in Romania, while aiming to settle issues and dilute prejudice resumed over time as a result of convenience and ignorance. 

In the museum, there will be displayed:

  • A permanent exhibition: will include artifacts, religious objects, works of art, archival documents, photographs and interactive videos for six historical periods: Antiquity, the Early Middle Ages, Middle Ages to 1830, Modern Period (1830-1919), 1918-1945, 1945-1990.
  • Temporary exhibitions: curated by its curators or in partnership with other cultural institutions or individuals.
The other functional areas are designated for: an educational, cultural and research center, the library, cafeteria and the books & gift shop.
The site is located downtown, on 218 Calea Victoriei, in a `museum district` (the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, the National Geology Museum, the Museum of Natural Sciences `Grigore Antipa`, Filipescu-Cesianu House-Municipal Museum of Bucharest, George Enescu Museum), being accessible to both tourists or local audiences.




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