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New European Bauhaus Prizes 2023

New European Bauhaus Prizes 2023
New European Bauhaus Prizes 2023

The New European Bauhaus Prizes 2023are open to applications from the EU Members States. For the first time they are also open to the Western Balkans.

The Prizes will award up toEUR 30 000for exemplary initiatives linkingsustainability, aesthetics and inclusiveness- the three complementary values of the New European Bauhaus.

How to apply?

Applicants need to submit an online application in English.

What are the Prizes about?

The Prizes recognise and reward existing projects and young people’s concepts, which demonstrate that thesustainablesolutions promoted by the European Green Deal can also beinclusiveandbeautiful, bringing high-quality experiences to people's everyday lives.

The Prizes will be awarded in four thematic categories (for detailed descriptions, see the Guide to Applicants):

  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Regaining a sense of belonging
  • Prioritising the places and people that need it the most
  • The need for long-term, life-cycle thinking in the industrial ecosystem.

In each of the four categories, there are three parallel competition strands

  • Strand A: “New European Bauhaus Champions”, devoted to existing and completed projects with clear and positive results.
  • Strand B: “New European Bauhaus Rising Stars”, dedicated to concepts submitted by young talents aged 30 or less. The concepts can be at different stages of development, from ideas with a clear plan to the prototype level.
  • Strand C: “New European Bauhaus Education Champions”, devoted to initiatives focusing on education and learning. Both completed projects, as well as initiatives with a minimum level of maturity are eligible (see the Guide to Applicants for details).

What is there for me?

There will be 15 prizes in total. The jury will select 12 winners (one winner for each category in each strand). Three winners will be selected through an open public voting (one winner per strand).

All winners will receive a monetary prize:

  • EUR 30,000for winners of the New European Bauhaus Champions (Strand A) and New European Bauhaus Education Champions (Strand C),
  • EUR 15,000for winners of the New European Bauhaus Rising Stars (Strand B).

All finalists will be invited to Brussels to participate in the award ceremony, and will benefit from a communication package provided by the Commission in order to support the promotion of their project.



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