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Open calls : Concentrico#11

Open calls : Concentrico#11
Open calls : Concentrico#11

Concéntrico opens two calls for proposals to innovate with the local community and expand its scope in alliance with new cities.

After 10 years of experience, Concéntrico proposes to take on new challenges: it plans to expand its methodologies to new spaces based on the learning acquired in community processes in Logroño since 2015.

The new launch coincides with the premiere of the video of its tenth edition, 2 minutes that summarise everything experienced from 25 April to 1 May in Logroño, in addition to the update of the website with all the photographs.

New calls

Concéntrico opens two calls for proposals to incorporate the local community and expand its scope in alliance with new cities that deepen the research and innovation of the project. Proposals, with national and international scope, can be submitted until 31 July 2024.

These alliances seek to add a new challenge with strategies that broaden the scope of Concéntrico and export the knowledge acquired over the years. Since 2015, we have worked with more than 30 institutions, entities and companies that have transformed the way in which architecture and design are perceived: tools that improve people’s daily lives, share significant learning and facilitate the deployment of citizenship skills.

New Partnerships: calls for proposals

The New Partnerships for Research and Innovation in Cities call invites municipalities, institutions or entities – public or private, national or international – that promote research and innovation in cities to participate. Those interested may submit a proposal to be developed with Concéntrico, associated to a calendar and available budget.

The New Local Alliances call invites associations, NGOs, foundations, cultural or educational institutions operating in Logroño or La Rioja to submit a proposal to be developed with Concéntrico in accordance with the challenges they face in their environment.

Concéntrico began as an urban exploration laboratory with an international vocation. The project has a European perspective that reflects on the cultural and social ties that Europe shares in dialogue with other regions such as Latin America and the Middle East, both of which are its most relevant spheres of influence.

These processes have led us to develop proposals with municipalities such as Rouen (France), Madrid (Spain), Medellín (Colombia), Dammam (Saudi Arabia) or Abrantes (Portugal), with projects associated with town councils and entities; or work with the local community through social and cultural entities or associations linked to Logroño Intercultural, the Rafael Azcona Library, or educational centres such as CEIP Duquesa de la Victoria, IES Batalla de Clavijo, CEIP Las Gaunas, CEIP Madre de Dios or IES Sagasta.

Structure of the project

Concentrico is structured as a collective project working with partner institutions committed to the cultural, educational, urban and environmental development of cities. Local, regional, national and international partners support the vision, strategies and research of Concéntrico, and ensure that programmes have a broad reach and impact.

We are currently developing proposals in partnership with entities such as Goethe-Institut Madrid, Fundación Daniel y Nina Carasso, Red Planea, Instituto Iberoamericano de Finlandia, Institut français, Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures, Embassy of the Netherlands, Quebec Office in Spain, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Romanian Cultural Institute, Portuguese Embassy, Czech Centre, Polish Institute of Culture, British Council, PRO Helvetia, Swiss Embassy, ITRHA, Porto Academy, ArtWorks, MAS Context or Logroño Integración del Ferrocarril.

The two calls for proposals are open until 31 July on the Concéntrico website.



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