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19/01 - 26/02/2023


CCP#6 in Girona

CCP#6 in Girona
CCP#6 in Girona

Initiated in 2021, the Cities Connection Project - Shared living spaces exhibition has already been presented in Brussels, Basel, Mexico City and Barcelona.

And it's back on the road in 2023!

First stop, Girona from 19 January 2023 to 26 January 2023.

The principle is simple: twenty recent urban projects from a mix of programmes (housing, schools, cultural centres, leisure centres, public spaces, green spaces, etc.) in each of the three regions featured - the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Basel and Barcelona - are presented in an exhibition.

Shared living spaces is the theme chosen for the sixth edition of the Cities Connection Project. What we think is really important is the different approaches and processes experienced by architects from different cities or countries in very heterogeneous contexts. Two years later, this theme has gained unexpected importance in the context of the global health crisis: the pandemic seems to have changed the way we communicate and relate to each other and our system of work. These shared living spaces are more than ever indispensable places, places which, even if limited by the pandemic, still invite exchanges between users.

The presentation of this exhibition will be the occasion for an inaugural conference on 19 January between the Brussels office A229 and the Swiss office of Miquel del Rio.



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