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Opening 20/02/16 - 21/02/16-20/03/16


Exhibition Landskating Villa Noailles

Each February-March, La Villa Noailles devotes a season dedicated to architecture. This year, WBA is pleased to work on the exhibition that will focus on landskating. The opening will take place on Saturday February the 20th at 6 PM in the presence of the architects and photographers and a conference will be given by L'Escaut on Sunday February the 21st at 11 AM, followed by a guided tour with the photographers.
The practice of skateboarding could be defined according to a basic apparatus: a wooden plank between 30 and 60 centimeters long with a non-slip surface (the grip) fixed to a twin system of metallic supports (the trucks) which retain four wheels containing ball bearings. Following which a series of accepted figures is practised on different types of surfaces and objects.
From this practice results an infinite number of spaces, constructed and de- signed for skateboarding or re-appropriated from their initial intention.
Continuous and smooth concrete becomes a potential surface for a different purpose. Ramps, handrails, benches, pipelines and stairs become promises of sporting performances where adrenalin rules technique.
By observing towns differently, and their spaces as genuine playgrounds, skaters assert a different means of using city centres. From the first embankments of Californian schools, perched amongst the Hollywood hills, or empty swimming pools, to grand-scale projects where the emancipation of a space by a community has made its mark.
First generation
An initial section will offer a historical report of the forms practised and the sociologies that they propose. The appropriation of a space and the progressive definitions of a discipline have marked a series of architectures which have since become iconic.
9 contemporary projects
A second section will present 9 skateparks projects:

- skatepark Les Ursulines, Bruxelles 2003 - 2006 Agence l'Escaut, Belgium.

- skatepark rue Léon Cladel, Paris. 2012 Agence Constructo, France et Raphaël Zarka.

- Miyashita Park, tokyo. 2011
Agence Atelier Bow Wow, Japan.

- skatepark Mar Bella, Barcelone. 2014 Agence SCOB, Spain.

- skatepark Les Corts, Barcelone. 2014 Agence SCOB, Spain.

- skatepark La Roche-sur-Yon. 2013 Agence Studio 1984, France.

- Street Units. Agence Janne Saario Landscape Architecture, Finland.

- Olari skatepark. 2013 Agence Janne Saario Landscape Architecture, Finland.

- OTRO, île de Vassivière. 2014 Koo Jeong A et agence l'Escaut.

Photographic commission
The third section of the exhibition will focus on a photographic commission placed by the arts centre bearing witness to thirty or so skateparks in France. Commission undertaken by: Olivier Amsellem, Maxime Delvaux, Stéphane Ruchaud, Cyrille Weiner.
A catalogue will be available at the Villa Noailles from February 20th

For more information, do not hesitate to contact la Villa Noailles.




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