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Press visit: Werk, bauen + wohnen

Atelier Paysage - Development of a new wetland in Chevetogne
Atelier Paysage - Development of a new wetland in Chevetogne© WBA

WBA is participating in the first edition of the Architekturwoche Basel (AWB), which will be held between 9 and 15 May 2022. In this context, we are presenting the Cities Connection Project – Shared Living Spaces exhibition. This theme has taken on an unexpected importance in the context of the global health crisis: the pandemic seems to have changed the way we communicate and relate with one another, as well as our way of working. These shared living spaces are more essential now than ever, as places that invite discussion between users even when this is limited by the pandemic.

In order to ensure the dissemination of FWB architects’ expertise in German-speaking Switzerland, and anchor their presence in a more sustainable manner as a result, WBA has concluded a partnership with the Swiss German specialist magazine ‘Werk, bauen + wohnen’, which will publish a piece dedicated to FWB architecture in its May 2022 edition.

To prepare this piece, WBA invited Daniel Kurz to visit a series of projects located in Wallonia at the beginning of March; Brussels projects had already been visited during the presentation of the exhibition in Brussels in October 2021.

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