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International press visit: Liege

Tilff bridge - Ney&Partners
Tilff bridge - Ney&Partners© Jérôme Van Belle - WBI

At the beginning of May, WBA organised an international press visit to mark the presentation of the fifth Temps d'archi of the Cultural Institute of Architecture Wallonia-Brussels (ICA), which is taking place in Liège from 6 to 31 May 2022. Temps d'archi #5, named FLUCTUATIONS, asks a more specific question, namely can architecture reconcile the river and the inhabitants?

The journalists were of course able to visit a new thematic exhibition on the historical and geographical context of the Meuse, Ourthe and Vesdre valleys, the way citizens lived after the floods of July 2021, and the architectural, urbanistic and landscape approaches that could be applied to this specific context to give some hope to the stakeholders in the territory, the experts and the citizens.

But it was also an opportunity for them to discover recent projects located in the province of Liège:



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