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Werk, bauen + wohnen: FWB dossier

Werk, bauen + wohnen: FWB dossier
Werk, bauen + wohnen: FWB dossier

In May, WBA presented the Cities Connection Project - Shared living spaces exhibition in Basel as part of the first Basel Architekturwoche. In order to disseminate the know-how of FWB architects in German-speaking Switzerland and thus anchor a more sustainable presence, WBA has entered into a partnership with magazine Werk, bauen + wohnen. In its May 2022 issue, the magazine publish a dossier on architecture in the FWB. You will find an introduction to the context written by Audrey Contesse as well as the presentation of 6 of the 20 projects on display:

- Museum of Folklore in Mouscron by Vers plus de bien-être V+

- The wetland of Chevetogne by Atelier paysage

- The squirrels' cot by Goffart-Polomé architectes

- Masui 96 by Vanden Eeckhoudt - Creyf Architectes

- The Brewery of the Senne by GÉNÉRALE Assemblée d’architectes

- iMAL by Central office for architecture and urbanism/NP2F




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