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Renovation of the OM's musical complex


Atelier Chora

Rénovation of the OM's building
(Entrance hall, common areas, concert hall, stage, backstage, brasserie, bars, kitchens, reception rooms, "Club" hall, conference rooms, exhibition areas, production areas, multi-purpose rooms, offices, recording studios, dressing rooms, workshops, outdoor terraces, technical rooms, storage, sanitary facilities, surroundings)
The OM: a prestigious building designed in 1948 by G. Dedoyard. Combining the social services of the iron and steel company with cultural infrastructures, this social centre has a special importance in the memory of the inhabitants of Sera. Although very complex, it is nevertheless skilfully configured thanks to a subtle use of the slopes of the land.

The work of transforming it into a music/cultural complex was a huge and exciting challenge. After a careful study of the building and its constraints, the philosophical-architectural attitude adopted is characterised by respect for the existing. It is emblematic of its time, which would make any arrogant desire to touch its shell "sacrilegious". The effort consists of refloating this cruise ship stranded on the banks of the Meuse. This is to be achieved by equipping it with the latest technology, making it accessible to all, meeting all requirements and making it a place of character for artists from all over the world.

The building has the advantage of being able to host several events simultaneously. It contains two main halls, two secondary halls, exhibition/reception areas, a brasserie, but also offices and recording studios. The outside spaces, which had been left unused, were integrated into the whole with the idea of offering an opportunity to modify the functioning of the project at will.
Year of conception
Year of delivery
Ville de Seraing
Total budget
8 400 000
5 000

Quai Louva 1
4100 Seraing

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