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Georges-Éric Lantair

The architectural proposal is always the outcome
of a set of parameters, the most decisive of which are generally the least visible.
The programme, the technical and financial contingencies are very often used to impose a conventional point of view.
Conventions are part of the culture of a society
Although there is no getting away from them, their actual value must be systematically questioned, failing which conventions are simply blindly followed.
Invention and innovation are stimulants
But very often they serve as a pretext to conceal the immobility that keeps these respectable conventions in place
The singular, the exception do not necessarily guarantee a more appropriate or relevant proposal
Tradition inhibits and stimulates at the same time
It is tradition (i.e. what is, in short) that has to be invested, criticised and sustained
It is in the process of the project itself that
Things develop and take on a meaning (when all goes to plan)
It is when working on the material definition of the project that things manifest themselves, become manifest/
A kind of self-evidence must emerge out of a banality that is actively sought, summoned, held on a leash /
A kind of wonder, a respiration based on “reticence’
But that is another story
An as yet unwritten story
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