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Rive Ouest


Urban Platform

Strategic programs for a 45ha urban renewal in Molenbeek around the "gare de l'Ouest". Includes urban and social issues such as passive social housing, sustainable mobility & infrastructure, social and political communication, financing of socio-economic activities
Municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean - Brussels-Capital Region
The study of this zone includes the complete analysis of the urban situation and the definition of priorities and issues to define a revitalization strategy. The strategy tackles urban themes that are relevant for the intervention area:
- the simultaneous reinforcement of the identities highlighted in the study zone;
- a revitalization of the area from the interior via a process seeking to improve the living conditions and image of the area;
- the consolidation of the diversity of the population present in the zone while welcoming new residents or users drawn by the development of the ZIR (Zone of Regional Interest).
The other strategies taken into consideration reinforce the multifunctionality, include a reflection on the density and the types of dwellings, and set out the objective to render the public spaces more neutral. The collective facilities take into account a network that has been studied beyond the perimeter.
In practice, the four-year programme proposes 57 dwellings, 8 projects for the (re)development of public spaces and roads, 4 collective facilities and 9 socio-economic operations.
These operations are the result of a participatory approach involving the local residents and organizations.
Landscape, urban areas
Concept proposal
Year of conception
Commune de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean - Région de Bruxelles-Capitale

1080 Bruxelles

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