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Transformation in Ninane


acmia - atelier d'architecture

We fell in love with the location, the view, and the calm of this rather traditional house on which we set our sights! The program is important and complex : enlarge the existing housing, create new offices and give the whole a contemporary architectural look, while transforming the constraints into assets : steeply sloping land and orientation a priori unfavorable.
In the existing situation, the difference between the entrance level and the garden level does not allow to benefit from an outdoor space with direct access from the living room, except for the small balcony to the north. The planned project remedies this drawback by taking advantage of the construction of the offices on the ground floor to benefit, on their roof, from a very generous terrace facing west and fully enjoying the view towards the valley.

The extension is designed as different volumes attached to the existing building, in addition to that of the offices (a large kitchen contributing to the privacy of the terrace, two additional bedrooms upstairs, forming a covered area above the entrance, an entrance hall and a garage).

An opening in the floor of the first floor allows the dining room to benefit from a double height, as well as to maximize the contact between the two levels of the dwelling.

An overall unity is obtained thanks to the insulation from the outside finished with a white plaster. The facades of the offices on the garden level are distinguished from the others by their dark brick facing, forming a base for the house. The openings, in particular the entrance facade, are covered with a more decorative aluminum cladding.

A large window is fitted on the west facade overlooking the terrace to enjoy the afternoon sun and the sunset. Openings in the rear facade allow you to enjoy the magnificent view.
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