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Architecture is an increasingly complex profession that requires a global and multi-disciplinary approach whose architect has only partial control.

This reality, the office integrates it from the design phase by considering that the project emanates not only from the one who conceives it but more certainly from the constraints and internal necessities of the project (context, technique, budget, program, collaborations ...) . In a certain way, the project draws itself and the architect accompanies it in this long process of elaboration, like a sculptor who, while aiming for the ideal form, would let himself be guided by the natural movement of his material. The result is not an image superimposed on the architecture that would compel everyone to conform to it, but the reality of the process itself with all that it can undergo unforeseen and especially unexpected.

That is why, to sterile perfection, the defect is preferred when it reveals the life of matters and men; in the rigid, forms of indefiniteness and contradiction are opposed allowing each to invest the interstices of an open form, to appropriate spatial potentials according to its own sensitivity. As such, the site is a unique moment: the collaboration with the workers is continuous and part of the purpose of the project is left to them, enhancing the skills of each. From necessity emanates the virtue of constantly changing work, from sketching to concretization.

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