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Opening up space

Inventories#4© Aurélie William Levaux


Audrey Contesse – ICA-WB


The exhibition Ouvrir l’espace (Opening up space), organised by the ICA at the Centre Culturel de Namur from 3 April to 5 May 2023, invites the public to discover outstanding open and public space projects. These projects across Wallonia and Brussels form shared places and create convivial spaces where people can live together and learn about citizenship and doing things together. They also enhance biodiversity in the built environment, help soil permeabilisation and ensure that everyone is present and represented outside the home. Models, photographs, films, drawings, collages and interviews create a dialogue between these completed projects, spatial studies by experts and participatory work by citizens led by the ICA and the Centre Culturel de Namur in Namur and Temploux.

Six architectural and landscaped projects in Wallonia and Brussels are presented. They are taken from the book Architectures Wallonie-Bruxelles Inventaires #4 2020-2023 and are the work of architects and landscape designers Atelier PaysageBaumans-Deffet Architecture et UrbanismeGénérale Assemblée d’architectesMSASuède36 and Urban ma(r)ker.

These projects, on very different scales, have been selected for the diversity of approaches and responses they offer. To supplement this exhibition, the ICA, again in collaboration with the Centre Culturel de Namur, is offering workshops and two meetings in April. These encounters will continue the reflection on a future living environment that is conducive to well-being.


Atelier Paysage, Baumans-Deffet Architecture et Urbanisme, Générale Assemblée d’architectes, MSA, Suède36 and Urban ma(r)ker.


Opening up space is also rooted in the cycle of exhibitions relating to the release of Architectures Wallonie-Bruxelles Inventaires #4 Inventories 2020-2023 - Vers une démarche architecturale régénérative.This book, managed by the ICA and published by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Architecture Cell, aims to promote spatial approaches, i.e. both projects and actions, capable of activating the necessary spatial, environmental and societal transition.


Namur – April 2024



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