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20/05 - 26/11/23


Venice Biennale of Architecture: other belgian participations

In addition to the Belgian pavilion, which is traditionally occupied alternately by Flanders (Composite Presence - Bovenbouw Architectuur - 2021) and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation ("In vivo" Bento and Vinciane Despret - 2023), the Venice Biennale of Architecture also offers other opportunities for our architects to present their work. Here are their contributions for the 2023 edition.

  • Several Brussels-based operators are participating in the Slovenian pavilion,+/- 1 °C: In Search of Well-Tempered Architecture: CENTRAL, Sophie Dars, Maxime Delvaux, Aidas Krutejavas (KSFA Krutejavas Studio For Architecture), Piovenefabi and Traumnovelle, and many other non-Belgians.
  • Accattone is participating in a two-day publishers' round table (in Italian) organised by Reading Room. Carlo Menon will speak on 20 May at 6pm.
  • The group exhibitionPlečnik and Contemporaneity: Glossary, in which Sophie Dars, Maxime Delvaux, Radim Louda and Carlo Menon participated, will form part of the Biennale as one of the virtual pavilions. This exhibition was presented in Ljubljana from 22 June 2022 to 12 February 2023.



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