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Ce qu’habiter veut dire

Ce qu’habiter veut dire
Ce qu’habiter veut dire



The exhibitionCe qu'habiter veut dire, organised by the Institut Culturel d'Architecture Wallonie-Bruxelles (ICA), brings together architectural stories around the question : What does "living" mean to you?

Living is not just living, it is also being aware of a landscape and an area. It is thinking about what to do with what already exists, what has already been built and developed. It is participating in the elaboration of one's living environment and the culture that flourishes around it. Finally, it is above all dreaming of a different living environment, one conducive to better well-being.

Installations, models, frescoes, testimonies, videos, photographs, sketches and collages illustrate in this exhibition the diverse approaches of those who reflect on our living environment. The result of encounters between residents, architects, photographers, urban planners, landscape designers and artists, this production gives rise to new perspectives. It offers rich visions, sometimes conceived, sometimes sketched, sometimes anchored in reality, sometimes utopian. Each subject in this anthology is delicately composed, to let the architecture inspire each visitor.

In addition, some 20 contemporary architectural projects from the last 30 years in Wallonia and Brussels are shown in the form of models, cross-sections and graphic documents. Combined with a series of photographs, the ensemble forms a sensitive interpretation of the current built and unbuilt environment of French-speaking Belgium. The exhibition Ce qu'habiter veut dire also inspired ICA to publish a book of the same name that completes the content of the exhibition. A way to broaden the experience of the exhibition and take home a souvenir of the works on display.

Participating offices 

Agence TER, Arcadus, Artau, Aya Akbib, Baumans-DeffetBaukunstBinarioPierre Blondel, François Brix, Maurizio Cohen, Xavier DeloryMaxime Delvaux, Jean-Luc Deru, Dessin & Construction, Barbara Dits, Hugues Dorzée, Nicolas Duerinck, L’Escaut, False Mirror office, Jean-François Flamey, Olivier FourneauHE architectesPierre HebbelinckHoloffe & Vermeersch, Dominique Houcmant/Goldo, Alain Janssens, Philippe Koeune, Gaspar Lambé, Georges-Eric Lantair, Mathilde Lasserre, François Lichtlé, Linto, LRArchitectes, Daryna Lysystska, MatadorMamout, Charlotte Marchal, Martiat+Durnez, Modlocq, MSANordVirginie PigeonReservoir ARotor, Fabian Rouwette, Victor Selle, Bas Smets, Vianney Soulard, Specimen, Terre, Alexander Topilin, Henri Uijtterhaegen, Urban echoes, V+, Charles Vandenhove, Cécile Vandernoot, Paola Viganò, Marc Wendelski.


What living somewhere means is a sensitive narrative that looks back over a three-year journey exploring French-speaking Belgium and meeting its residents. During this exploration and by using culture as a lever, the Cultural Institute of Architecture Wallonia-Brussels asked the following question to all its audiences: “What does living somewhere mean to you?” Although the responses gathered are specific to French-speaking Belgian culture, their impact goes beyond borders and broadly questions our ways of living. Because living somewhere doesn’t only mean being housed, it’s also being aware of a landscape and an (un)built region, it’s thinking about making do with what already exists, what has already been built and developed, it’s also helping develop your living environment and the culture that comes to life around it, and above all, it’s dreaming.What living somewhere meansinvites you to immerse yourself in and draw inspiration from visions that are sometimes built, sometimes sketched, sometimes anchored in reality, sometimes utopian, emanating from all those involved in our living environment.

Contributions: Agence Ter, Alain Janssens, Alexander Topilin, Aurélie Hachez, Aya Akbib, Barbara Van der Wee, Bas Smets, Baumans-Deffet,Central office for architecture and urbanism, Charlotte Marchai, Daniele Ragno, Daryna Lyzystka, Dominique Houcmant/Goldo, Estate Estate, Fabian Rouwette, False Mirror, Office, François Lichtlé, Gaspar Lambé, Harold Fallon, Henri Uijtterhaegen, Hugues Dorzée, Jean-Luc Deru, Linto, Mamout, Marc Wendelski, Martiat+Durnez, Mathilde Lasserre, Maxime Delvaux, Modlocq, Namenlos, Nicolas Duerinck, Nord, Paola Vigand, Philippe Koeune, Lindsay Prat, OiseauxSansTête, Séverin MalaudSpecimen, Terre, Urban Echoes, Vianney Soulard, Victor Selle, Virginie Pigeon, Xaveer de Geyter and Xavier Delory

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  • Brussels from March 10 to April 15, 2023 at MAD



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